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June 29, 2020

2020 Real Estate Predictions

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What Are Experts Saying About the Rest of 2020?

One of the biggest questions on everyone’s minds these days is: What’s going to happen to the housing market in the second half of the year? Based on recent data on the economy, unemployment, real estate, and more, many economists are ...

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May 15, 2020

Now is the Best Time to Buy Log Cabins in Gatlinburg TN

Anakeesta - Gatlinburg, TN

Ready to make an investment? Now is the perfect time to invest in log cabins in Gatlinburg, TN. If you have money saved up and a secure job, then you can increase your wealth by expanding your investment portfolio. Vacation rentals are great for first-time investors. They can provide a ...

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Dec. 13, 2019

3 Things Everyone Should Know Before Investing in Rental Cabins for Sale in Pigeon Forge TN

Cabin for sale in Pigeon Forge TN

When you’re looking to make an investment, you gotta do your research. This is the key to finding an investment that gives you the kind of return you’re looking for. Want to invest in something that gives you a monthly income and grows value over time, then rental cabins for ...

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Nov. 15, 2019

4 Reasons Why Our Luxury Smoky Mountain Cabins for Sale Are a Great Investment

luxury smoky mountain cabins for sale

Looking to make ...

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Oct. 17, 2019

Market Movement on October 14, 2019 - TN Smoky Mtn Realty Agent

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Mortgage rates did not move significantly last week, staying historically low.  Consumer credit expanded less than expected.  New purchase mortgage application submissions declined, and refinance mortgage application submissions increased.  Job openings are down, but still exceed the number of people classified as unemployed.  Initial jobless claims ...

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Oct. 7, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Selecting an Agent

Selecting an agent

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When a whole lobster was presented at the table of a restaurant, the customer noticed there was only one claw on it.  He asked what happened to the lobster and the waiter said, maybe he lost a fight with another lobster.  The customer replied to ...

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