Family Vacation Memories!  Everyone knows what a Realtor® does, but do you know what sets us apart here in the smokies from other Realtors® around the country?  We are in the business of making memories for all visitors, not just ones who rent, but the owners who buy a cabin whom rent them out.

I feel so blessed to be part of a bigger picture in life for the many that get to create these memories all because I am a REALTOR®.  For me the vacation memory begins when I meet my buyers.  They are typically from out of state and when they decide to purchase here in the smokies, they usually incorporate cabin hunting with a family vacation.  They make plans to see shows and entertainment in the evenings when we are done looking at homes.  The next day we reconvene and I get to hear about their wonderful evening with family, making those memories.

Buying a cabin is about the numbers and I must admit, until recently I talked a lot about the numbers.  It is important, but what I have come to realize from my buyers whom now are cabin owners, feel a sense of pride and accomplishment with each guest that stays, knowing and hearing about the amazing family vacation they just had!

Family vacation in GatlinburgIn today's busy, fast paced society, we sometimes forget how to slow down, and enjoy what we have around us.  Family, nature and vacations just seem to pass us by.  Here in the Smokys we give families time to get back to what means the most to them and making true lasting memories, sometimes by disconnecting in the park, going to Dollywood or just going for a beautiful drive through the mountains.

The next time your here thinking about buying a rental cabin for investment or to add to your portfolio, give thought to the many families you will bring joy to just by doing something to help yourself :)  Its a great time to buy and we at TN Smoky Mtn Realty look forward to making all your Smoky Mountains Dreams come alive!

The video below is a couple I sold a cabin to in June 2017.  Shortly after they purchased I was contacted by a TV Show asking for 5 or 6 new cabin owners to possibly do a show on.  Angie and Dwight were the lucky ones the show chose from my list :)  This was an exciting time for all of us and I could not be happier for my past and continued buyers.

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