Did you know Gatlinburg is loaded with secrets that as a tourist you may not realize or even have found out regardless of the amount of times you may have visited.

Did you know that if you get to town early enough during peak season you can park for free?  At traffic light #5, stay in the right lane to veer towards the right onto River Road.  Free parking can be found all along the right hand side of this road.  If you are unable to find a free parking spot and its lunch time, continue on this road to the light where Ober Gatlinburg is.  Turn left for a short drive to the Parkway, take a right and a quick left into the Cherokee Grill and Calhouns plaza.  Have some lunch at one of these great eateries and save your receipt to show the gate attendant for free parking.

During off peak times parking is allowed on the main street of town.  These off peak times are January and February respectively, Monday through Thursday on the right hand side of the road only.  Both sides have 2 lanes so parking is allowed in the right hand side lane.

Did you know, Gatlinburg Trolley

Did you know Gatlinburg offers a free Trolley service?  The free specially painted open-air shuttles will operate from 10 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily with specified dates June through August. Extra stops have been established along the special route to bring the number to 40 along Parkway.

Did you know that kids can fish for free?  Kids age 12 and under.  Herbert Holt Park has a stocked pond with a park for their enjoyment and walking trails.  Just head out of town towards Pigeon Forge.  Right after the Dudley Creek light #1 and across the street from the Fairfield Inn is the Herbert Holt Park entrance.

Did you know that at light #3, there are fountains that shoot up from the sidewalk?  These are not only for curb appeal and the beatification process of our wonderful city but to help cool you off on those hot summer days you may be walking by.  Stop and let the kids splash a bit or take your flip flops off to cool your feet before continuing on your way.

We hope you enjoy some of these secrets that you may or may not have known about.  And remember just to ask a local for some secrets.  I'm sure you are bound to hear a few things that are amazing as well!

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