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Hemlock Hills is a delightful area that is just outside the city of Knoxville, and it's close to the city of Gatlinburg. This area has started to become a huge hotspot for local and out-of-state tourists who want to enjoy some of the fantastic outdoor features that Tennessee has. If you have thought about moving to the area or if you've considered some investment properties, have a look at this fantastic list to see 5 reasons to look at Hemlock Hills Cabins for your next home. 

1. Cabins have Increased in Popularity


Cabins have always been seen as vacation homes as many of them are located in remote locations that are far away from businesses and other job opportunities. This mindset has changed quite a bit in the last few years with the rise in work-from-home jobs that have started to pop up all over the place. This has allowed many people the freedom to live wherever they want as long as they have a steady internet connection, and this has made remote homes explode in popularity. 

Cabins have always been popular, but there have been quite a few factors in the last few years that have made them become much more common. The pandemic also made people reconsider living in the heavily populated metro areas, and they have started to prefer living in an area with more privacy. Cabins are also very well built and architecturally beautiful, which draws in those who want to have a home they can show off to friends and family. 

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2. Cabins are an Excellent Investment Opportunity


Great Smoky Mountain has always drawn in people who want to see the fantastic nature, and that means the cabins in the area are only going to become more and more popular in the next few years. Airbnb has led to many people purchasing (or even building) cabins in their area that they can use for rental purposes, as many of them are situated in beautiful locations. They are also becoming very popular with those who are looking for great investment properties with the rise in short-term rentals. 


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The search term "cabins" are one of the most popular searches on short-term rental websites, and these can be very profitable if you know how to smoothly run your rental business. Investors also love cabins because you can use them as a vacation home for yourself while renting them out for the rest of the year. Many areas have loose restrictions for short-term rentals, and this allows you to own and operate multiple cabins in the same area. 

3. Cabins are Attracting New Homebuyers


Living in a remote location is difficult for those who need to rely on being close to a job, and those who have the opportunity to work anywhere often choose an area where they want to be over a place they need to be. Cabins have always been seen as status homes due to the fact that they are often located in vacation areas, but these homes have started to become more accessible. We mentioned how work-from-home employees have started to choose unconventional places, and that has made cabins very popular all over the country. 

Privacy and solitude have also become valuable commodities to many people after they were cooped up inside during the pandemic. People have started to seek out homes in rural areas where they can spend some time outdoors without worrying about too much noise or busy roads. It also helps cabin homes look beautiful on camera, which is excellent for people who are relying on building photo and video content for their online business. 

4. Hemlock Hills is an Amazing Community


Hemlock Hills is a very small area that is located just 15 minutes from nearby Gatlinburg. The area is well known for its incredible forests, along with the amazing views that the mountain cabins provide. People have started to seek out areas like Hemlock Hills for both vacation and permanent residency due to its incredible nature and remote location.

Being so close to a city like Gatlinburg is perfect for anyone who wants to be close to all of the amenities they need without being situated right in the middle of a residential area. Gatlinburg has become a big hit with tourists, which means there are a large number of activities and features all around the city. The city is also home to several highly rated schools, which has made it a popular place to live for those who have growing families. 

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5. Gatlinburg is a Tourist's Dream


While we're on the topic of Gatlinburg, let's have a look at some of the great features the city has. The area is full of fantastic ski hills and amazing hiking trails, so it's perfect for outdoor lovers. If you're not interested in climbing up the mountain to see the great views, you can take the incredible Skylift, which takes tourists high on Crockett Mountain, or take a trip to the Gatlinburg Space Needle to get a 360 view of the mountains after riding up the glass elevator. 

There are a large number of "Ripley's" attractions in the area, which include an aquarium, haunted adventure, Odditorium, Guinness world records, 5D moving theater, mini golf, and a mirror maze. You can also have some fun over at the Anakeesta theme park and ride on their zip lines, gondola rides, and their mountain coaster that takes you through the trees. These incredible attractions are just the tip of the entertainment iceberg, and they bring in people from all around the country, so if you are thinking about investing in some cabins for short-term rentals, Hemlock Hills is a fantastic choice. 

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Hemlock Hills is a delightful area with so many fun features, and it's started to become a hot spot for those who want to see the sights of the Great Smoky Mountain. Investing in some of these cabin homes or choosing to purchase one for your first home is a great idea if you want to live in a beautiful area that is close to everything you could ever need. Have a look online at some of the amazing cabins in Hemlock Hills to see which ones suit you the best. 

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